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      A star indicates that this person is a member of National Nostalgic Nova (NNN), the national organization of and for Nova enthusiasts. It is strongly encouraged that all members of Miami Valley Novas (MVN) join this outstanding organization to support our love for Novas on a national level. Those without a star are associate members, but are still afforded all the rights and privileges given to any member of Miami Valley Novas (MVN), with the exception of being able to participate at the Nova Nationals that are held each year in July, and of course all other functions that are sponsored by National Nostalgic Nova (NNN). To become a full member, you need to join National Nostalgic Nova (NNN). The cost is less than nine cents a day! You will also be supporting a national association dedicated to the preservation of Novas, which is certainly an important part of our automotive history.

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  Abel, Scott Pro Street Red 1968
  Adams, Cindy Ventura GTO Restored Orange 1974
  Altstadt, Nick Show Car/Driver White 1967
Amrine, Bill Original Restored Convertible White 1963
Amrine, Bill Original Restored Wagon Fawn 1967
Amrine, Bill Rally Nova Orange 1972
  Annarino, Lenny Original 396 Survivor Blue 1969
  Austin, Dave Show Car/Driver Blue 1969
  Baker, James Show Car/Driver Red 1968
  Ballard, David Street Machine Blue 1972
  Barnhart, Jeff Show Car/Driver Red 1968
  Bohl, Corey Gasser Replica Black 1967
  Bolender, Danny Show Car/Driver Blue 1966
  Brackett, Junior Show Car/Driver Silver 1971
  Britton, Craig Show Car/Driver Green 1970
  Brooks, Reg Show Car/Driver Black 1970
  Burnett, Bryan Pro Street Green 1971
  Butler, Randy Show Car/Driver Burgundy 1969
  Caripides, Bill Show Car/Driver Blue 1964
  Chatterton, Rusty Original 6 Cyl. SS Blue 1964
  Christian, Carl Show Car/Driver Blue 1969
  Cole, Alan Show Car/Driver Yellow 1972
  Collins, Ed Show Car/Driver Black 1966
  Collins, Jerry Gasser Replica/Driver Red 1964
Collins, Michael Show Car Black 1968
Collins, Michael Drag Strip/Race Car Yellow 1970
  Conley, Brenden Rally Nova Blue 1978
  Conley, Tony Show Car/Driver Black 1970
  Connaughton, Dan Show Car/Driver Tan 1966
Cook, Brian Original Restored Driver Tan 1971
  Cosculluela, Mike Custom Creation Street Freak White 1969
  Cosculluela, Mike Custom Creation Hot Wheels Black 1970
  Cosculluela, Mike Custom Creation Yenko SS Green 1971
  Cosculluela, Mike Custom Creation NASCAR Brown 1972
  Cottril, Don Show Car/Driver Blue 1966
  Cox, Jerry Project Car Black 1971
  Crager, Jamey Omega Show Car/Driver Go Mango 1973
  Davis, Bob Drag Strip/Race Car White 1974
Dennis, Wayne and Ruthie Original Restored Red 1962
  Dresbach, Valeria Show Car/Driver Green 1967
  Dresbach, Valeria Show Car/Driver Red 1974
  Drummond, Les Show Car/Driver Blue 1969
  Drummond, Richard Street Machine Red 1972
  Elam, Robin Pro Street White 1971
  Elder, Vernon Show Car/Driver Orange 1970
  Ellington, Greg Show Car/Driver Gray 1971
  Elworth, Jerry Show Car/Driver Green 1973
  Fishburn, John Show Car/ Driver Black 1969
  Fisher, Mark Show Car/ Driver Beige 1972
  Flaugher, Scott Show Car / Driver Red 1967
  Gordon, Mark Pro Street Blue 1972
  Gordon, Paul Pro Street Red 1972
  Gross, Carry Apollo GSX Show Car/Driver Red 1974
  Hardesty, Mark Show Car/Driver Maroon 1971
  Haven, Steve Show Car/Driver Bronze 1972
  Helton, Mike Show Car/Driver Blue 1963
  Hill, Gary Show Car/Driver Red 1966
  Holcomb, Chase Show Car/Driver Green 1972
  Holt, Donny Custom Creation/Driver Red 1971
  Hoschouer, Tim Show Car/Driver Brown 1965
Howard, Eddie Project Car/Driver Green 1969
  Kast, Terry Project Car Primer 1972
  Keechle, James Show Car/Pro Street Orange 1962
  Keith, Ed Show Car/Driver Edge 1966
  Kemp, Rich Street Machine Yellow 1969
  Keys, Larry Project Car Silver 1972
Kirker, Bryon Show Car/Driver Purple 1974
  Koontz, Jim & Lois Show Car/Driver Bronze 1974
  Krug, Betsy Show Car/Driver Raspberry 1969
  Lamb, Dustin Project Hatchback Black 1974
  Lewis, Don Show Car/Driver Green 1969
  Lipscomb, Fred Show Car/Driver Black 1966
  Luehrmann, Dave Show Car/Driver Brown 1971
  Lunsford, Harold Show Car/Driver Black 1970
Lynch, John Show Car/Driver Red 1971
  Madewell, Doug Show Car Blue 1973
  Majusick, John Show Car/Driver Maroon 1966
  McGlosson, Johnny Show Car/Driver Burgundy 1966
  McGlosson, Riley Street Machine Silver 1971
  McKinney, Rollie and Janice Show Car/Driver Blue 1974
  Meade, Denver Pro Street Black 1971
  Meade, Sheila Show Car/Driver Black 1964
  Meier, Don Show Car/Driver Red 1972
  Metcalf, Larry Show Car/Driver Burgundy 1972
  Millard, Fred Show Car/Driver Red 1969
  Miller, Ken Show Car/Driver Blue 1963
  Mohler, Rich Yenko Tribute/Driver Silver 1969
  Morton, Keith Show Car/Driver Gray 2013
  Mosley, Carl Show Car/Driver Blue 1972
  Nadolsky, Dan Show Car/Driver Wagon Red 1963
Nelson, Mike D. Gasser Replica/Driver White 1963
Nelson, Mike D. Show Car/Driver Red 1965
  Parks, Neil Show Car/Driver Black 1964
  Perkins, Bailey Ventura GTO Restored Blue 1974
  Peters, Joe Gold Duster Survivor Gold 1973
  Peterson, Bill and Deb Original Survivor Tan 1965
  Pierson, Kenny Ventura II Street Machine Black 1972
  Powers, David 4 Door Show Car/Driver Black 1977
  Powers, David Venture II Show Car/Driver Yellow 1972
  Price, Frank Show Car/Driver Black 1970
  Profitt, Mark Show Car/Driver Blue 1967
  Rawers, Bill Custom Show Car / Driver Blue 1965
Rhoads, Debbie Show Car/Driver Blue 1969
Rhoads, Debbie Drag Strip Race Car Blue 1974
  Ring, Mike Show Car/Driver Green 1972
  Rosenberger, Rob Show Car/Driver Yellow 1972
  Roudebush, Mark Pro Street Yellow 1971
  Rowland, Jesse Show Car/Driver Blue 1972
  Sakach, Drew Show Car/Driver Green 1970
Schrader, Robert Show Car/Driver Beige 1970
Schrader, Robert Original Restored SS Red 1971
Schrader, Robert Show Car/Driver Green 1971
  Seaborn, Donald Street Machine Silver 1972
  Sell, Mike Show Car Red 1971
  Shroyer, Ken Show Car/Driver Silver 1966
  Simmons, Mark Pro Street Purple 1967
  Smith, Mark Pro Street Red 1972
  Smith, Norm Show Car/Driver White 1968
  Spencer, Jeff Show Car/Driver Yellow 1970
  Steinway, Walter Show Car/Driver Tan 1970
  Stockdale, Bill Show Car/Driver Yellow 1964
  Stone, Roger Show Car/Driver Red 1967
  Strader, Corey Show Car/Driver Red 1963
Strange, Harold Show Car Silver 1970
Strange, Randy Show Car/Driver SS Fawn 1967
Sutton, Ed Show Car/Driver Burgundy 1972
  Swanson, Ed Original Survivor Green 1974
Taylor, John Street Machine Red 1969
Tegtmeyer, Terry and Ryan Show Car/Driver Blue 1963
Thomas, Glen Show Car/Driver Blue 1965
  Timberman, Tim Show Car/Driver Silver 1969
  Tomlinson, Don Show Car/Driver Silver 1970
  Tooker, Brian Drag Strip/Race Car Red 1972
  Tron, Jason Show Car/Driver Gold 1972
  Tuckerman, Jerry Show Car/Driver White 1966
Turner, Rob Pro Street Green 1970
  Vance, Bill Show Car/Driver Gold 1969
  Vance, Mike Survivor/Project Car Blue 1973
  Vannicola, Tony and Maureen Show Car/Driver Black 1970
  Vickers, Jamie Show Car/Driver Blue 1967
  Vogel, Randy Show Car/Driver Orange 1965
  Vogel, Randy Show Car/Driver Blue 1967
  Vogel, Randy Show Car/Driver Turquoise 1972
  Voiles, Jerry Show Car/Driver Silver 1966
  Wasson, Dennis Show Car/Driver Black 1971
  Weatherholt, Terry Show Car/Driver Blue 1972
  Weaver, Kim Show Car/Driver Green 1971
  Wilhelm, Dave Show Car/Driver Blue 1969
Wilkins, Jim Show Car/Driver Blue 1967
  Wilson, Robin Show Car/Driver Red 1972
  Wilson, Roney Show Car/Driver Black 1966
  Woods, Jamie Custom Creation 6 Cyl Silver 1973
More members will be added as they join this growing organization.

MVN Members who are gone...but not forgotten:

  Brown, Ed Original 4 Door Survivior Green 1971
  Buddemeyer, Alan Show Car/Driver Tan 1963
  Carstensen, Kit Show Car/Driver Copper 1971
  Hudson, Earl Rally Nova Orange 1972
  Miller, Ed L79 Chevy II Replica Blue 1967
  Norrod, Denny Show Car/Driver Green 1971
  Rasnick, Charles Show Car/Driver Gray 1974
  Reed, Tony Show Car/Driver Red 1966
  Sayce, Mert Show Car/Driver Red 1970
  Strader, Richard Pro Street Black 1970
  Wall, Wayne Custom Creation Show Car Orange 1972