Mike Vance's Survivor/Project Car - Blue - 1973

Car History

After the passing of my Grandfather in 1972, my Grandmother bought the Nova brand new from Lang's Chevrolet in Xenia, learned to drive and got her first driver's license, at the age of 63. She nick-named the car Miss Tilley. Conflicting stories in the family as to the meaning or reference. As teenagers my siblings and I did not own cars that were very reliable and often asked Grandma if we could borrow the Nova. I'm sure she said no a time or two, but all we recall is the many times that she said yes. My oldest brother drove the car for his driver's test in 1983 and I drove it to my interview for a real job in 1994. The car came to me after Grandma passed away in 1998 and I’ve only put 1,500 miles on it since. All original, including window sticker, keys and license plates. No definite restoration plans at this time.